Monday, 10 October 2011

LittleBigPlanet 2 [QUICK&SHORT] [PS3]

Side-on view platformer (a-la Sonic) where you control a customisable "Sackboy" figure through a widely-varied and puzzling World. 
The quirk is that you can make your own levels, games and so much more using the in-game tools - pretty much anything you see in the main story you can use!

Major Points
Fun. Very fun. Absolutely bags of fun. And cute. If you don't like cute, you might not like this.
Massively creative - Love the tools added in this sequel (mainly the game programming/logic board tools).
Massively upsetting - when you go on-line and look at what people with too much time on their hands have created. Oh, the penises.

A really awesome package, a clear step up from the first (which was pretty good itself). 
Lots that can be done with this, you can spend days creating stuff with this one.
Very cutesy and there is still a lot of Stephen Fry - if you don't get on with either of these two you'll be pressing "eject" pretty sharp-ish.

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