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I am a 23 year old guy living in Brighton, England.

I have been playing games all of my life and recently have realised that I've been a little ashamed of my gaming. But that's stereotypes for you: everyone saying that gaming was a bad thing kinda put it into my head. Now I am breaking free of that. I'm taking a more active and contented stance towards my gaming: it's my hobby and I'm happy with that right now.

Video games are an important media but nowhere near as respected as film, television or music. It is a true shame. So I'm here to do my bit. Maybe a young man talking about how he plays video games isn't exactly going to topple people's views on the artform but hey, at least it's worth a go.

In finally dismissing the nay-sayers and coming to terms with the hobby in my own mind, I've come to appreciate gaming even more. The subtle camera tricks that seasoned gamers automatically interpret as the direction to go in next (and skilled gamers ignore to get the hidden goodies!). The huge variety in control schemes and combinations to achieve an intuitive gameplay experience. The sheer variety of playstyles and options available in good games - do you rush through to see the ending, do you take in the atmosphere at every step of the way... or are you searching every nook and cranny to earn every possible trophy? The choice is yours.

Over the past 3 years I have written reviews for hundreds of games, albums and films - most of these are now available on this site to view. I'm trying to keep the reviews as contemporary as possible, with at least 1 title released in the past 3 months reviewed each week. That's not going to be possible forever - and I suspect that at some point over the Summer I'm going to do a "retro month" where I work through my massive back-catalogue of PS2, PS1, N64, Megadrive and NES games. If you have anything you'd like reviewed - pop it in the comments box below.

In recent months I have also started a small game trading business, buying and selling at car boot sales, on eBay and in game stores. I have ambitions of opening up a small games shop at some point but trying to crack your way into that market takes much more capital and experience than I have currently so that remains a pipe dream.

Even further in the future is hopes of setting up an independent games studio. This would be the ultimate but again, I lack most of the skills and experience to pull it off.... unless there's a market out there for games on graphical calculators? No, thought not.

On The Blog
Listed here are a collection of reviews of various media - including Nintendo DS games, Playstation 3 games, CDs, films and more.

I'm always adding in new features, looking for new ways to expand and get people talking about what they like, don't like, love, hate - and everything in between!

Please feel free to take a look and post comments or suggestions to improve the experience!

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