Monday, 10 October 2011

Killzone 3 [QUICK&SHORT] [PS3]

You are part of a marine squad sent to a planet at war with Earth, the planet Helghan. Played out as a first-person shooter, you watch in horror as Helghan's most devastating weapon is aimed at Earth - and you have no way of making contact to warn them.

Major Points
Satisfyingly colourful - weirdly enough I feel obliged to mention how happy I was that less than 25% of the single player story is drudgy brown or grey. And that makes up about 80% of multiplayer maps.
Enjoyable story - for a gung-ho romp it's quite fun. Muscled men, one-liners, explosions, the usual bollocks.
Nearly the Playstation Move blockbuster I was looking for - the motion controls aren't quite good enough to play through the story on Normal difficulty comfortably and crouch-aiming requires 3 hands (which I no longer have). Oh, and it's got 3D....which I also do not have.

Better than a lot of the pap around. Colourful and fun enough in single player with the story to go with it - if only the single player was a little longer!
Sadly, multi player (although offering randomly changing and adaptive objectives) comes off rather bland and I was bored within a couple of hours.
With a longer story, better multi player maps, options and refined Move controls this could have been spectacular. 

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