Currently Playing...

This is a list of the stuff that is currently in my game consoles, DVD player and CD player.

You can expect reviews of most of these in the coming weeks.

  • PS3 - Sly Raccoon (just finished - review on Thursday 29th)
  • PS3 - Dungeon Seige III
  • PS3 -Dead Space 2
  • PS3 - Eufloria (DLC)
  • DS - Dynasty Warriors Battle (may not review as this sucks SOOOOO much)
  • DS - Come On! Heroes (DLC)
  • DS - Gaia's Moon (DLC)
  • Pirates! in an adventure with scientists (seeing in cinema this week - review to come on Thursday 4th April)
  • Chase and Status - No More Idols
  • Knife Party - Knife Party E.P.
  • Mars Volta - Nocturniquet
  • Korn - The Path of Totality

Feel free to post comments or contributions to improve the experience!

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