Monday, 10 October 2011

Dead Space [QUICK&SHORT] [PS3]

A third-person shooter/sci-fi survival horror where you are Isaac Clarke, an engineer sent into deep space to try and establish what catastrophe struck the USG Ishumura - a deep space mining vessel.

Major Points
Very good use of tension and atmosphere - you are in the heat of the moment at all times, including while using menus (a-la Doom 3). Some good thrills and jumps, nice story threading it together. Excellent dismemberment of alien nasties with your upgradeable weapons. Slightly tedious running back and forth on this huge ship with actually not quite enough to shoot.

Very good and in many ways both pays homage to and adds to the genre. 
The setting, storyline and many other elements are nicked from other films and games.
However, the overall presentation is spot on and the fun on offer in the form of stamping aliens into squishy goo can't be denied.

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