Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Trailer - Quantum Conundrum - 09/05/12 [DAILY DOSE]


Today's DAILY DOSE is a look at the trailer for this -

The game is not dissimilar to Portal, and was penned by Kim Swift - who used to work for Valve before moving over to join Airtight Games and develop this beauty.

The idea here is that you are a young boy trapped in your scientist uncle's mansion - and the only way to get out is to make use of special batteries - each having a different effect on the environment (such as making everything super-light).

The game looks fun, is written to be accessible - but most of all has that charming physics puzzler atmosphere that I love.

The game was announced a while ago (originally due for release towards the end of 2012) but now rumours are swirling that we may see the game released sometime this Summer.

Just to whet your appetite further, I've added a 7 minute gameplay demo - narrated by Kim Swift - to give you a feel for the puzzles on offer here.

I'll see you guys in the fluffy dimension.

Gameplay Demo - with Kim Swift
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