Friday, 7 October 2011

Review Update - 7th October 2011

Reviews Backlog
Well this month I have had very little time to play games but similarly have also had very little time to write reviews so I guess that all cancels out, eh? 

Er... wait... no I've got a backlog of about 50 reviews to get through. Bugger. 

O.K. - Plan B: Got a good idea to get through a load all at once. I'll do a series of quick-fire reviews of only a few lines each - giving an overview of the game and my feelings and nothing more. Most of these will be games that I'm not extremely impressed with but really they deserve less of my time anyway..... so there.

Aha! A Plan! Genius! Expect some half-arsed lazily-written crap to appear on here in a few days time.* 

*They will complement the half-arsed lazily-written crap that was already on here.

Upcoming Full Reviews
On the games that I am extremely impressed with, expect full reviews in a week:
  • ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD [PS3] - due end Feb 2012
  • From Dust [PS3 DLC] - due start Mar 2012
  • Swords and Soldiers [PS3 DLC] - due end Feb 2012
and, I am ashamed to admit:
  • a "Kingdom Hearts" Special - watch this space!
(it's OK. I didn't have any self-respect left anyway)

Site Additions
I'm working on a few extra pages for the site, some just adding in a bit of background and help (glossary, guides etc.) but also some specials such as a homage to some of my favourite video game series.

These are works in progress but I'll put them up in their half-built form for people to look at. As always - feel free to add comments or suggestions and I'll try to work them into my stuff.

I depressingly also did a bit of a catalogue of my games. The half-complete list is up on a separate page now. So that's where all my money's been going. 

Free(ish) Games
My final point to add to this update is a small thank you to games companies for all the free games I've had recently.

O-ho! Illegally downloading were you? Naughty Naughty.

No, actually. This is what happened:

I needed the benefits of a "Playstation Plus" Membership to have the online save files options. This is so that if, or rather when, I upgrade to a low-power 320GB console I can simply download all of my save files and pick up where I left off. This was on offer for something like £32.99 for 12 months. As an unexpected advantage of this, I have in the past month or so downloaded for FREE and to KEEP:
  • Costume Quest [Full Game]
  • Plants Vs. Zombies [Full Game]
  • Crash Commando [Full Game]
  • Streets of Rage 2 [Retro Update]
  • Altered Beast [Retro Update]
  • Comix Zone [Retro Update]
  • Resident Evil - Director's Cut [Retro Update]
  • Arc the Lad 1 [Retro Update - Japanese Import]
  • James Pond 2 - Robocod [Retro Update]
  • Rayman [Retro Update]
  • 1000 Tiny Claws [minis - small downloadable Playstation games]
  • Speedball 2 - Evolution [minis]
  • Street Smart [minis]
  • The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character [minis]
  • BABEL: The King of Blocks [minis]
  • Jelly Pops [minis]
  • Kaleidoscope [minis]
  • Guerrilla War [mins]
  • OMGZ [minis - by the way the title stands for "Oh My God - Zombies"]
  • Bashi Blocks [minis]

Now half of these I certainly would never have paid money for but look at some of them: 
Resi 1!
Plants Vs. Zombies HD and Coop!
Costume Quest! (Tim Schafer RPG involving kids putting on costumes to gain their power)
Streets of Rage 2! (Megadrive classic)
Altered Beast! (another Megadrive classic)
Comix Zone! (one-of-a-kind genius)
James Pond 2! not....

And also Nintendo stepped up to the mark and offered a multi-player and DS-tailored version of The Legend of Zelda: 4 Swords Anniversary Edition which is so far absolutely great fun....for less than a penny!

So, in short, thank you for meaning that I blow less of my money on your crap games. Just keep slippin' me a few free ones and I'll keep coughing up for the better ones.

Speak Soon!

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