Video Game Genres

OK something a little different today that hopefully may get a bit of debate going as well. This is also to be followed up with a short guide with top tips for each category.

Strangely, on my girlfriend's request (who has very little gaming experience), here is a glossary guide to gaming genres. Any comments/corrections/additions would be welcomed and I'll keep adding to this over the next few months.

These games are controlled from the main character's viewpoint (hence, first person).
Movement controls are often to move the character around the playing environment and to tilt the camera up/down/left/right in order to look around. Normally the character is armed with some sort of weapon, sometimes melee (such as knives and swords) but more likely some type of firearm. The player is often required to choose the most appropriate weapon for the situation - when enemies/targets are close by then using melee/shotguns, when at mid-distance then pistols/machine guns/grenades, at long range then rifles/sniper rifles.

The game will play out in one of two ways: they either involve a steady progression, with basic maps with low-level enemies to begin with leading to complex maps with a variety of hard enemies to beat in order to progress. This may involve some puzzles or "acrobatic movement" such as manipulating switches and boxes or getting to high ledges without falling.

The second progression method is in large, open environments where the player is required to search around defeating enemies and gaining experience/skill as you go. This type is usually dubbed an FPS-RPG (see RPG for further info). In this type there will normally be easy enemies close to where the player begins and the further afield you go, the tougher the enemies are to take down.

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