Thursday, 29 March 2012

Rumour - Playstation Orbis - 29/03/12 [DAILY DOSE]


Today's DAILY DOSE is a heads-up about the rumours floating around at the moment regarding the next Playstation - apparently codenamed ORBIS.

Now these sort of rumours spark up pretty regularly - often that someone guesses what graphics unit or processing power the next console will be packing - however this time there's a whole wealth of information being circulated.

Here's a round-up of the rumour:
  • It is currently codenamed "Orbis", which is Latin for "circle" or "ring". When joined with the latest PS Hardware, the PS Vita, you get "Orbis Vita" - which roughly translates as the "Circle of Life".
  • There will be AMD top-spec processors and graphics card.
  • There will be no backwards compatibility with the PS3 (lame).


  • There will be strict second-hand game restrictions. You must register your physical disc copy of your game online, and then you be given a one-time access pass in order to play.
  • This is likely to be an effort to restrict the flourishing second-hand market, which currently means that poor, hard-up game publishers only get bucketloads of cash the first time you buy the game.
  • If the Orbis works the way described, then each consumer will have to pay the game publisher directly before they can play.

I must say - I hope these rumours aren't true. The second-hand market is great for so many reasons, and if publishers too their heads out of their asses then they could see what a great market it is:

  • It allows small businesses to operate without needing the massive capital to approach publishers to buy the latest releases.
  • It reduces waste - yes, the second-hand games market is more environmentally friendly!
  • It allows people the option of waiting a few weeks for the hype over big releases to die down, then buy a second-hand copy at a much more reasonable price.

Sooooo.... all-in-all I'm worried. Very worried. 
I'm hoping this is all hot air being blown around by inventive minds. 

If not.... my next hardware purchase may not be with Sony....

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More information on these rumours can be found here:


Loz said...

Wow, nothing but bad news here as far as I can see. How far do you trust these rumours? they seem to me a little too nerd-rage-inducing, as if there was trollery involved. Still, if these rumours are true I don't think you are the only one is considering not shelling out whatever ridiculous amount this hardware is gona cost. Looks like poor business strategy from Sony again.

Matt Tiernan said...

You're right there - there is a very suspicious sound to these rumours.

It seems slightly more plausible as they seem to be corroborated by an address in Sony's Development Centre ( etc.).

I worry what is happening to my dear Sony. They seem to be 3 steps behind with current trends, then the first revolutionary idea I hear from their camp alienates me entirely.

We shall have to see....