Thursday, 3 May 2012

Special - "I'm Not Paranoid", said Marvin - 03/05/12 [DAILY DOSE]

Hello Everyone!

I'm back from my holiday - and I picked up a new toy while I was away - a new ANDROID PHONE! Yay!
(Well, not actually "new" but still new for me).

So now there'll be a greater scope for my reviews - plenty of Android Apps, games and other stuff to try out and review for you all.

There's a lot of these on the way very soon - a couple today and a couple more next week. That doesn't mean that there'll be any less film, CD or console reviews though - and to prove it there's a new CD review and a film review being posted tonight AND a PS3 game special next Thursday!

And now onto the next news... the ECLECTIC EVENT!

The dates and details are still being confirmed but I can announce that there will be a MASSIVE review event taking place sometime in the coming months.

Only very preliminary plans have been laid out so far - but I can confirm that there will be a RETRO theme to the review spectacular.

If anyone wants to make a guess at what's coming, make any suggestions for event features, or simply wants to say hello - put your comments in the box below.

But now the holiday's over, things are back on track - DAILY DOSES posted each day at 12 midday and
REVIEWS up each Thursday from 8pm (GMT).

Welcome back to 

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