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TV - Game of Thrones - 08/05/12 [DAILY DOSE]


Today's DAILY DOSE is a look at this -

Now into it's second season - and a third season was in the bag from the word 'go' too - so there's plenty of beheadings, graphic incestuous sex and murder to get stuck into here.

Oh - by the way -
 THIS SHOW IS NOT FOR ANYONE WHO DISLIKES GRAPHIC VIOLENCE, NUDITY OR ADULT THEMES (such as incest, child murder, dog maulings, beheadings aplenty and lots more in-between).

So... not one for the kids. 
Or... most other people.

It's all very well designed and staged though, with a good pace to the series (even though I'm still watching series one!). 

Just look at that intro ^^^ -
 doesn't that just get you interested already?
It lays out the land, you get a feel for the climate and architecture - all in a two-minute segment!

Though.... why does the show need to have regional British accents? 
Really? Why?
All the accents of the "Northern" folk are Northern English accents - and this is a fantasy land with nothing to do with Britain (except for it's probably ripped from Tolkein who wrote his stuff in England).

It's not a gripe - the show is brilliant to watch and it all works well - just make sure not to watch it with younger viewers around. 
Say... under 25.

Looking to pick up the books soon too - heard they are equally amazing. 

Anyone have any experience of that?
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1 comment:

Kayleigh Gibson said...

I'm glad this show has a fan base which gets bigger by the day :)

I've been hooked since I saw the Dire Wolf puppies in the first episode and the show never fails to disappoint. There's always something happening and there's so many characters you will love and love to hate! (Tyrion is my favourite :) He's my hero!)

Regarding your comment about the accents, I think they work better being British. I don't know why, but I just can't picture them sounding American. Nothing against American accents or anything, but I just don't think they would work in this.

I've started reading the books as well, I bought the first and second one during the wait for season 2 as I hate waiting to know what happens next! If you're going to buy them, your best bet is getting used books off of Amazon as they go for roughly £3 - £6 :)