Friday, 20 April 2012

Pictures - Crysis 3 - 20/04/12 [DAILY DOSE]


Today's DAILY DOSE is a look at some early photos for the upcoming uber-gorgeous sci-fi shooter -

This time round you're some sort of elite mecha-ninja-hunter.... awesome.

Developers Crytek have just released a few details and pictures about their upcoming title - the big reveal being that this time you're fighting through a New York City that's become overgrown so much that it now resembles a jungle.

Crytek say that Crysis 3 will feature 7 distinct environments (known as the Seven Wonders) which exists within an evil corporation's "Nano-Dome".

To make your way through these 7 districts, Prophet (the series' protagonist) must make use of new weaponry - like the incredible bow shown in the picture above!

Of course, you still march round in you nano-suit with guns... if you'd prefer...

The environments look amazing - ruined buildings and plant life entwined.

And they've also just posted a very small snippet of a trailer - full gameplay trailer due out on 24th April!

And to round things off, Crytek have just released a demo video for the latest game engine build - CryENGINE3.

This shows off some of the technical developments they have made - and what we can expect to see coming up in their new game. 

Crysis 3 won't be in shops until 2013 - so there's a bit of a wait before we get to engage our "Maximum Armour" once more.

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