Monday, 18 October 2010

[MINI REVIEW] [DS] Dragon Quest IX

From start to finish, a hugely-enjoyable and remarkably polished RPG that blissfully balances children's humour and the expansive and gripping character and equipment advancement.

It is obvious in every aspect of this title that the developers have not only taken the time to give each element of the title unique charm but also to give the whole affair a charming personality that makes it a pleasure to play through.

Graphics, sound and controls are all spot on and well-suited to the DS screens and the multiplayer features are a joy on their own, allowing for you to not only play side-by-side with friends but also to have people simply explore and interact with your game world totally independently of your characters.

The only drawbacks being that the abilities associated with party member roles can be a little confusing and restrictive, and that for such a vast item and equipment creation system I would have actually liked to have gotten to create/use more of them (right through the game I wanted Tracksuit Bottoms and at no point have I found how to get them).

Overall, my personal favourite RPG on the DS and one of the most impressive and entertaining experiences to ever appear on a handheld.

Total: 90%

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